Our company offers professional consultancy service within the period elapsed from the stage of preparation of the registration dossiers up to the stage of obtaining license (marketing authorization).

  • Preparation the drug registration application dossiers, controlling them, offering professional consultancy service up to the stage of obtaining license (marketing authorization).
  • Preparation of SPCs/PILs and controlling them.
  • Preparation of the analysis dossiers to be submitted to Department of Analysis and Control Laboratory of Turkish Medicine and Medical Device Agency.
  • After obtaining license (marketing authorization) obtaining Sales Permission and Import Permit.
  • Making application for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) inspection related with the manufacturing plants of the medicinal products.


clipsensor    haemoglobin

VICEM is HAEMOSPECT®  Turkey exclusive distributor.

The HAEMOSPECT® system is a high class measurement device, designed for non-invasive measurement of blood heamoglobin levels.

  • Painless, bloodless measurement of haemoglobin values
  • Easy handling by the Digiclip
  • Hygienic, straightforward, reliable
  • No risk of infection
  • Measurement result in seconds
  • Integrated data magagement concept
  • Battery operation for mobile use
  • Calibration Standart
  • No consumables, no sensor replacement
  • Economically highly attractive, pays for itself in a short time
  • No order-management, no storage of disposals

VimViewer VV-600

  • Easy to Identify veins for venipuncture
  • Can be used to find valves and bifurcations
  • Lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Various fixation solutions can be suitable for the different applications


  • There are two stairs that make entry and exit easier for mums-to-be
  • There are two water inlets and outlets for fast water inlet and outlet in order to keep the water temperature constant and to ensure that the water remains sterile during delivery.
  • There are two gynecological adjusted foot-rests that the mums-to-be can rest their feet.
  • There are 2 handles in the tub that can be held by the mums-to-be to facilitate their movement.
  • There are indentations in order that the physician and the midwifes can be easily positioned around the unit
  • There is a lighting lamp that allows the physician and midwife can easily see the inside of the tub during childbirth
  • There is a multimedia system that allows mother to relax during the birth
  • There are two durable hangers that allow the mother to take various positions.
  • There is a heat meter that keeps the water temperature constant.